The newborn cheetahs Photo: Safaripark Beekse Bergen
A unique event in the Safari Park.  Two cheetahs, Sara and Kate, gave birth to multiple cubs. Sara’s health deteriorated, however, so she could no longer take care of her boy. Kate then adopted three cubs from Sara. She accepted the youngsters right away and takes excellent care of them. Sara is also doing a lot better now.
In total there are four males, given the names Pikachu, Onix, Jynx and Ajabu, and the two females Nyah and Bomani. With the birth of the cubs we contribute to the management program of the cheetah, which Beekse Bergen is coordinator of. The aim of this program is to ensure healthy populations in animal parks of wild endangered species.
The fathers of the cubs, Ash and Rowan, have come to our park as part of the management program. The six youngsters and Kate will soon discover their home.